Education ministry probing claim teacher tried to coax student into Islam

The Department of Education is investigating allegations in a viral video that a teacher tried to lure a student to convert to Islam.

In a statement, the ministry said it took the allegations seriously and stressed that religion should not be used to threaten race relations in schools. The ministry said further investigation and appropriate action will be taken against anyone found mocking any religion.

“The Department of Education will not be compromised in matters of school management, especially those that may undermine ethnic and religious unity.”

The ministry said that it will fully cooperate with the police if they are called to do so. Earlier today, Cheras police chief Zam Halim Jamaluddin said a mother filed a complaint that her 15-year-old son’s teacher tried to convince him to convert to Islam.

The police said that the investigation is ongoing, as many witnesses have taken their statements. He said that investigations are ongoing under the Penal Code for causing disturbances in religious order and for speaking that may cause disturbances and social problems.

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