It’s their right, Tok Mat says of Umno members’ report to RoS

Umno members have the right to file a report with the Registrar of Companies (RoS) for a no-contest petition passed at the party’s 2022 congress, said Umno deputy president Muhammad Hasan.

However, Mohamad, or popularly known as Tok Mat, said it was up to the RoS to decide the merits of the filed report, Utusan Malaysia reported. Mohamad said the party leaders have given all the requested information to the RoS regarding the protest, which ensures that Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Mohamad will be elected unopposed in the upcoming party elections. was held on May 19.

“When you have people who are not satisfied, they will write articles on the RoS,” Mohamad was quoted as saying by a Malaysian daily newspaper. “It is their prerogative, but it is up to the RoS to verify whether the reports are true.”

Mohamad was asked to respond to complaints by two Umno members to the RoS to investigate possible violations of the party’s constitution.

They said that introducing this petition to the general meeting was against Article 10 of the party’s constitution. The couple stressed that the petition must be submitted two weeks before the general meeting, or seven days if the Umno Supreme Council files a petition.

FMT said the RoS gave Umno 60 days to provide details of the no contest motion. Zahid said Umno met RoS twice on the matter, during which it was represented by secretary-general Ahmad Maslan and the party’s adviser.

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