Singapore relaxes Covid curbs

Singapore will waive the requirement for travelers without sufficient vaccinations to show Covid test results or obtain coronavirus travel insurance from February 13, government officials in charge of the virus said today.

Masks are also not required to be worn on public transport, the health ministry said in a statement, as authorities downgraded the outbreak response level from “green” to “yellow”, indicating that Covid-19 is not dangerous. However, masks will still be mandatory in healthcare settings, where there is patient interaction and indoor patient contact areas.

“In Singapore, our Covid situation has stabilized over the past few months, despite increased travel during the year-end holidays and China’s transition to zero-Covid,” said Lawrence Wong, vice president and said the head of the virus. employees, go to the media office. Report. “Our residents have put up a great deal of hybrid resistance,” he said.

About 80% of the state’s 5.6 million inhabitants have received the minimum vaccine protection against Covid-19, and about half have been boosted again, according to Health Ministry data. “We overcame a lot of curveballs and surprises along the way. But we were able to get here together because we all did our part,” Wong said. The public can also delete the Covid-19 contact tracing application, the government has deleted identification data from its servers and database, said Health Minister Ong Ye Kung.

Since April last year, Singapore has lifted many of its Covid-19 restrictions and many international events are returning to the city-state, attracting tourists and businesses. The Asian Monetary Fund expects the tourism sector to return to epidemic levels before 2024.

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